Change Management

Change management is a term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organisations in making organisational change. It includes methods that redirect or redefine the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly change a company or organisation.

In a project-management context, the term "change management" may be used as an alternative to change control processes wherein changes to the scope of a project are formally introduced and approved.

When digital transformation projects are instigated, there is significant requirements for change to be introduced, which, if not addressed correctly can lead to significant challenges.

Change management is faced with the fundamental difficulties of integration and navigation, and human factors. Change management must also take into account the human aspect where emotions and how they are handled play a significant role in implementing change successfully.

Although there are many types of organisational changes, the critical aspect is a company's ability to win the buy-in of their organisation's employees on the change.