Solving Problems

This is where we usually start. Our clients come to us with a problem that needs solving; they arise in many different forms and usually can be solved in a number of different ways, all of which will have variations of complexity, budget, staff and time requirements.

We analyse the problem with our clients to scope out what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired outcome. Depending on the scale of the problem, this may only involve a small number of stakeholders, but often needs input from a wider set of management and employees who will have deeper knowledge of day to day challenges and the impact that any changes will have.

Some "problems" may not be identified as such by the client, they may just identify them as necessary improvements, but don't know how to go about instigating those improvements.

We have many examples of projects that we have completed, all of which have led to excellent return on investment for our clients, some being quick wins, whilst many are larger scale, long term solutions bringing greater profitability through streamlining and automation, with huge improvements in staff job satisfaction.

A Few of the Problems we Solved

Grab a coffee while you browse and then ask us how we solved them.

  • Multi-million £ corporation with a suite of separate websites constantly being hacked.
  • Large Plumbing and Heating organisation unable to track paperwork from cradle to grave, no off-the-shelf software could cope with their requirements.
  • Sports Clothing Retailer and Manufacturer struggling with huge growth using spreadsheets to track sales orders through the supply chain, their admin department frequently having to work overtime to keep up to the demand.
  • Manufacturing Company constantly running out of stock because of "overcutting", resulting in wrong stock quantity being recorded.
  • Industrial kitchen supply, installation and maintenance company using spreadsheets needing e-commerce sales utilising the same stock as maintenance engineers and installers.
  • Cubicle partition company using off the shelf accounts software needing to fully automate from enquiry to installation and rationalise the use of "off-cuts" in stock.
  • Roofing supply, installation and repair company needing to have e-commerce and trade counter along with installers and repairers all utilising same stock list.
  • Industrial Flooring Installation Company using five disparate software systems to be rationalised int one system plus linked accounts function.
  • Start-up Industrial Boiler Training Company needed a web presence and marketing advice to take them from zero to profitability and a good set of recurring clients.
  • Hugely successful engineering company had very little sight of future orders via their existing sales process leading to parts shortages, panic and embarrassment with clients.
  • Iconic Sports Brand, needed to segment each of their clients e-commerce shops whilst still working of one single back end system and supply chain.
  • Facilities Management Company needed to reduce the number of students crowding their office filling in forms to report defects within their rented houses.
  • Large Housebuilder could not keep track of asset location, service intervals and out of commission requiring repair or replacement.
  • Service Organisation had poor visibility of engineers holiday and absence information leading to workforce shortages at certain times, with line management being constantly interrupted as a consequence.
  • Many instances of automating customer enquiry through meetings, pipeline management, quotations, orders, job costing, job management, invoicing, all with their own unique set of requirements.